MUSD School Wellness Committee & Policy

Wellness Policy Coordinator
David Leonard
707 987-1450 ext. 5111


Title / Relationship to the School or District

Email address

Role on Committee

David Leonard    

Chairperson/ Principal Cobb Mountain Elementary    

Responsible for scheduling of committee meetings, meeting agendas, and Wellness Policy Implementation & oversight

Heather High            

Food Service Director    

Responsible for nutrition aspects of wellness policy, & integration of Farm to School with food service

Tara Parker    

Secretary/Teacher at Minnie Cannon Elementary    

Takes notes on agenda. Forwards notes to Chairperson for posting on Website

Susan Reed/Susan Parker    



Teacher at Middletown High School

Coordinate/Communicate about fitness aspects of Wellness Committee

 Everett Brooks Communications and marketing/Teacher at Coyote Valley Elementary     Update Families & community about Wellness Committee 
 Helena WelshEvent Planning/Parent helena.welsh@outlook.comCoordinate health & wellness events related to the HWC. 
 Maya Leonard student  student representative elementary level

MUSD Wellness Committee Meeting Dates:


All MUSD families are welcome to participate in the evaluation and oversight of the Wellness Policy, and are encouraged to do so by attending our Wellness Committee Meetings. 

Wellness Committee Meeting Minutes: