Choral and Band Performance Information

posted Jan 23, 2018, 1:40 PM by David Leonard

Tuesday, 1/23/18

Dear Parents of 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade students

Our Choir Performance with Mrs. Radford will take place one week from today in the Middletown Middle School Gymnasium.

Date: January 30,2018

Time: arrive at 6:30  rehearse at 6:45

Performance begins at 7 pm.

Place: Middle School Gym

Please have students dress nicely and warmly because they will be sitting on the floor while the band plays.

Thank you,

Cynthia Radford

Winter Performance for MUSD Elementary Band Program!

Important Notes

When: Tuesday, January 30

Where:   Middletown Middle School Gym

Time:   Students arrive at 6:00 pm for dress rehearsal.  Concert begins at

7:00pm.  Doors open at 6:45 for audience members.

Dress: Band t-shirts with dark pants (no holes in jeans, please)

Band performances are like sports team tournaments. Attendance is mandatory and very important for band students. If you have an unavoidable conflict that makes it impossible for your child to attend, please contact me right away. If there is a sports team practice on the same day, please notify the coach for an excused absence from that day’s practice.

For 6th grade band students, please find band t-shirts now to check for size.  If you need to trade in for a bigger size, please return CLEAN shirts right away and I will do my best to have a larger size by concert day.  New 6th grade students will be given a t-shirt.

For 5th grade band students and new 6th grade band students, band t-shirts will be distributed this week, and are to be worn at band concerts only, and not any other time.  Donation money is used to purchase them, so if you are able, please send your child with $10 to cover the cost of the shirt.  If this is a hardship, no worries, it is not required that you pay.  If you do not pay, t-shirts must be returned in like-new condition at the end of 6th grade, or if your child discontinues band.

Please be sure to remember instruments and music on concert night!  Try to provide students with a hearty snack or dinner before coming to the dress rehearsal (please wash hands and rinse mouth with water or brush teeth after eating).  

Thank you, and see you at the concert!

Patricia Jekel (