Class Party Guidelines

posted Apr 5, 2017, 7:44 AM by David Leonard
Dear Families,
     In recent weeks, many families have been brought in sweets to celebrate birthdays. It's my responsibility to remind everyone of a few things in this regard.  I understand that we want to celebrate children's birthdays, and we do so at our weekly assemblies. Please remember that there are many ways to celebrate that don't involve food, and that we have students with severe food allergies. Our district policy (listed below) encourages parents to celebrate without food.

Here are ten ways to celebrate without food:


1. Bring in special party napkins (or party hats) to use with the usual school snack.

2. Get a special “recess pass” and choose the main activity the class does at recess time.

3. Bring in your favorite book and ask the teacher to read it to the class.

4. Give a gift to the class, such as a book (write an inscription inside), a toy for the play area, or a game.

5. Be “VIP of the week”: Make a timeline of your life, have your parents read to the class one day, and have other students interview you about your favorite things.

6. Get a card from the class. All the students sign it saying what they like most about you.

7. Have your name read with others at assembly, and the school can sing to you.

8. Get a special sticker or crown to wear at school all day.

9. Have your parents provide a special craft for the class that day.

Our Health and Wellness Policy states the following regarding classroom celebrations:

Class Party Guidelines 
1. Middletown Unified School District urges that birthday celebrations occur without food. Suggestions will be sent home and posted online on the MUSD website at the beginning of the year for ways to celebrate without additional food. (E 5030) Cultural/historical celebrations (Thanksgiving, etc.) will still be allowed to have food if it is (1.) healthy and (2.) serves to help educate students about a historical/cultural event they are studying. 

2. In the event that parents insist on celebrating with food, MUSD recommends healthy alternatives to junk food and has provided a list of those options. (E 5030) 

3. In the event that parents still insist on celebrating with cupcakes and other sugary, non-healthy treats, the committee decided that they will not be turned away. However, parents will be reminded of the wellness policy and asked not to bring any unhealthy treats to future events. MUSD discourages unhealthy treats at school. Soda beverages are to be banned from all class party celebrations.

Thanks for your consideration,
David Leonard