Head Lice Alert

posted May 6, 2016, 11:03 AM by David Leonard   [ updated May 6, 2016, 2:55 PM ]

Dear Parent/Guardians,

There seem to be more head lice than usual this year. Please check your student’s heads regularly for signs of head lice. Head lice are a parasitic insect that live on human heads. They bite the scalp causing itching and attach eggs to the hair.  Head lice do not jump or fly; they are spread from person to person by direct and indirect contact. Please discourage your students from sharing combs, brushes, hats etc. A nit (egg) hatches in 7-10 days and grows to maturity in another 7-10  days. Lice live for 3-4 weeks and lay up to 10 eggs/day.


-Instructions for a non-toxic “olive oil” method are available in the school offices.

-Over the counter products are available at most stores. “NIX” is one that is covered by

MediCal insurance.

-A prescription product from your Doctor

Follow all directions exactly including re-treatment, removal of eggs, and environmental

home measures.

We have a “NO NIT” policy so all eggs must be removed before students may return to

school activities.

When a case is reported to the school we make every effort to check the class/close

contacts/siblings etc. We recheck identified cases before they return to school and weekly

for a few weeks to help families eliminate them completely. We maintain the

confidentiality of the students involved although there is no reason for embarrassment

since head lice have nothing to do with hygiene.

Help is available through Healthy Start at 987-4160 ext. 8117 and 994-0669 ext. 2.

Please contact me if you have any questions/concerns.

Denise McDowell RN, School Nurse MUSD 987-1488

Other suggestions for dealing with headlice:
 Coconut oil is suffocating to them. Rosemary essential oil is the best and repels them. 
As a preventive, add 25 drops of Tea Tree essential oil to a full bottle of shampoo. Shake well before each use. smile emoticon