Lake County Attendance Challenge

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Lake County Attendance Challenge Round Two - March 18-22nd

Next week we will be entering the second round of the attendance challenge for Lake County.  The goal is to have all students present each day (unless they are so ill they should not be at school).   Chronic absenteeism can have serious negative effects on a student’s academic success. A student is chronically absent from school when he or she has missed, 10% or more of the days he or she has been enrolled in the current school year (18 days for a full year, but also 3 days of the first month, 6 days of the first two months, 10 days of the first hundred days of school, etc…). These absences include those excused for illness, medical appointments, etc., as well as any unexcused absences. Chronic absence is missing 10% of the school year for any reason.

In many cases, absences from school are unavoidable due to health problems or other circumstances. However, chronic absenteeism can have a drastic impact on your child's education. Children chronically absent in kindergarten and first grade are much less likely to learn to read by the end of third grade. By sixth grade, chronic absence is a proven early warning sign of dropping out of school. By ninth grade, good attendance can predict graduation even better than eighth grade test scores. Clearly, going to school regularly matters!

Nearly 10,000 students from 45 schools throughout Lake County recently competed in the 2nd Annual Lake County Office of Education’s Attendance Challenge, Week 1.

Lake County Students, staff, and school districts collaborated to increase attendance rates, promote regular school attendance, and tackle chronic absenteeism during the week of October 15 – 19, 2018.

Attendance Challenge, Week 2 will take place on March 18-22, 2019. This year’s Attendance Challenge winners will be the schools with the highest combined attendance data from both challenge weeks.

Halfway through the competition the standings are:

Highest Attendance Percentage for a Lake County Elementary School

  1. Upper Lake - 98.53%
  2. Coyote Valley - 97.77%
  3. Burns Valley - 96.5%
  4. Riviera - 96.2%

Highest Attendance Percentage for a Lake County Middle School

  1. Terrace - 96.75%
  2. Upper Lake - 96.45%
  3. Mt. Vista - 96.18%
  4. Middletown - 96.04%

Highest Attendance Percentage for a Lake County High School

  1. Clear Lake - 97.93%
  2. Middletown - 95.66%
  3. Kelseyvill e- 95.27%
  4. Upper Lake - 94.68%
  5. Lower Lake - 91.11%

Highest Attendance Percentage for a Lake County Alternative School

  1. LCOE Hance- 93.75%
  2. Konocti Education Center- 92.53%
  3. Natural High- 85.42%
  4. Highlands Academy- 83.82%

Highest Attendance Percentage for a Lake County Preschool

  1. Burns Valley - 92.55%
  2. Kelseyville - 90.1%
  3. Lakeport - 88.31%
  4. Middletown - 88.1%
  5. Lucerne - 87.5%

The Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake donated $4,000 to the Lake County Office of Education for the Attendance Challenge. Each winning school will receive a $500 award to celebrate and support attendance. Each winning school will also receive an “Attendance Challenge Winners” banner.