Math Challenge Winners (3rd round)

posted Feb 25, 2018, 4:24 PM by David Leonard

Congratulations to the winners of our 3rd Math Challenge. Here are our current standings:

3rd grade
Nalu Johnson 1st place
Noa Perkins 2nd place
Sea Perkins 3rd place
Eva Welsh tied for 4th place
William Harbour tied for 4th place

4th grade
Evelyn Finney 1st place
Damien Rudy 2nd place
Caylee Saelor 3rd place
Autumn Clark 4th place
Diva Ruiz tied 5th place
Ryker Lanning tied 5th place

5th grade
Ryan Taylor 1st place
Shaylee Rudy 2nd place
Nyejzniya Krohn 3rd place
Gabriel Johnson tied 4th place
River Calhoun tied 4th place

6th grade
Takoda Hardy 1st place
Miura Ruiz 2nd place
Cisco Howland 3rd place
Payton Morris 4th place
Ethen Saelor 5th place

One more to go!