Peanut Allergic Reaction - Please help

posted Feb 26, 2019, 4:24 PM by
Dear Families,
      Today we had a significant scare with a peanut allergy exposure and reaction. Thanks to Ashly Karp and Lily Morita, the reaction was recognized and dealt with immediately. 
       Students were eating raw peanuts in our cafeteria at the peanut free table. We realize that we cannot make our school a peanut free school, and have designated a table for students to sit should they have peanut products.  It is essential that this take place for the safety of our students with severe allergies.

      The likelihood of today's exposure was that some of the dust from the peanuts was airborne and caused a reaction. If at all possible, please refrain from sending raw peanuts to school. The dust from the raw nuts gets airborne, and the oils are easily spread on cafeteria surfaces.  We are communicating this again to all classrooms.   

Due to the way foods are processed, some form of peanut product is likely to be in many snacks and processed foods. Please look over the ingredients of foods you send to school.  If something is brought to school which contains peanuts, we ask our students to sit as far from the peanut free table as possible. 

Thank you for your help and cooperation in keeping our children safe.
David Leonard