Science Camp Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Called to order:  1:45  p.m.

Attending: Michelle Schuster, Cherry Dwyer

Reading of minutes:

Approved 1st: Cherry Dwyer Approved 2nd: Michelle Schuster

Treasurer’s report:

General opening balance: $1186.76 Income: $0 Expenses:$0
Ending Balance: $1186.76
2014-15 Camp fund: $2170.75  Income: Read-A-Thon $29.00, Original works $1608.50 Expenses:  Original works $1007.25
Ending balance: $3,359.60
Approved 1st: Cherry Dwyer Approved 2nd: Michelle Schuster         
Old business:
Stuffing Original Works folders to send home
Raffle/silent auction for Science fair 10/23/14
3 Volunteer to help run event: Renada, Patricia Star, Cherie, Kyle Noble    
Help get donations: Cherie D/ Michelle S.
Put up flyers: Renada, Cherie
Revisited - Ideas on how to give back to our school
Had a re-vote after discussing that money was raised to send students to camp.
New vote -- Anonymous -- We will keep Science Camp money in Science Camp act for years to come.

New Business:

  • Santa breakfast 9 a.m. - 12 .p.m
chair: ____________________________________________________________
  • Santa breakfast helpers (2): _________________________________________
  • Putting up flyers: _________________________________________________
  • Raffle/Auction items: 1- bottle of wine and a gift certificate from Tara Waldon
  • Christmas Performs Bake Sale 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
  • 12/9 ________________________
  • waters/bake goods
  • 12/10 ________________________
waters/bake goods

Still need all spots filled and more raffle/auction items- Donation letters are in the office.

Open floor:

Thinking it is time to try to get 5th grade families to start helping so moneys can start going towards the 5th grade class Science Trip. Topic for next meeting.
Next Meetings: 12/1/14 @ 9 a.m.@ Cobb Elementary School/ in the library

Thank you,
Cobb School 6th Grade Science Camp!!!