Talent Show Groups & Practice Schedule

posted Mar 6, 2019, 10:29 AM by david.leonard1@middletownusd.org


Analeace Deveau - Singing Ghost Town by Adam Lambert  

Gordon & Adam Astrup - Singing Bye Bye Love by the Beatles

Zayann Nelson -

Asher Pyska - Dance (with Dylan?)

Dylan Bohan - Dance (with Asher?)

Brookelyn Lighter, Juniper Morse, Eli & Serenity - singing “In the Middle”

Ethan & Eli Jennings - singing (with Brooklyn’s group or separately?)

Maddison Lighter - singing “Scars to your Beautiful”

Anika Dusatko & Cassidy Duval - singing Me Too by Meghan Trainor

Kaia Bohan & Kate Pulse - Ballet dance

Jaelynn Brown - singing

Crystal Duval - playing piano (own composition)


Fiona Vise - singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Colt Lasbury - Ventriloquist w/squatch mo bigfoot puppet.

Ginger Epstein - piano piece

Lily Morita - Bridge Over Troubled Water with piano accompaniment

Daisy Rodgers - We Are the Champions with accompaniment

Augustus Kelley - ________

Emma Lawrence - Love Song

Shaylee Rudy - Singing Jennie - SOLO (Blackpink), English.

Jaslene Wolf- singing ________

Kadenz Rickert - singing Ocean Eyes by Billie Ellish

Lilly Wood & Presley Ernst- Playing RipTide on te Ukelele

Evelyn Conine - Singing Carrie Underwood Song

Practices are on the following dates:

3/8/19    GROUP A

3/15/19     GROUP B (1:25 - 2:30 due to minimum day schedule)

3/22/19   GROUP A

3/29/19   GROUP B

4/5/19   GROUP A

4/12/19 GROUP B

4/15/19 - 4/19/19     SPRING BREAK


4/26/19 Thursday Night Talent Show - Show starts at 6:00 pm.

Given the limited number of practices (see calendar on reverse), it is essential that students attend ALL of their group’s practices, or we will remove them from the show. Practice at home is essential for the success of this program.There’s a large number of acts in this year’s talent show.  Cuts may need to be made.  We’d rather see the alternative, which could be combining some of our students into a group act.  There is a time limitation to each act, which is a total of 3 minutes.  Songs will be faded out at that point. We’ll do our best to do this while keeping the integrity of the song intact. If your name doesn’t appear on either list, your permission slip did not get submitted on time.

Please remember to provide Mr. Leonard with background music if you’re wanting to use it.  If you have a specific Karaoke version on YouTube that you’re using provide a link to that.  There are many different karaoke versions out there of popular songs. That will expedite the process, and make our practices more beneficial. There will be no lip-syncing allowed. Students must remain in the cafeteria as audience members during their practice sessions.  Please be here no later than 4:30 to pick up your child. No after school transportation is offered.

Review any song lyrics for any profanity or inappropriate subject matter. Changes can be made to lyrics, and there are many alternative versions on KidzBob.