Upcoming events for August

posted Aug 20, 2018, 6:08 AM by David Leonard

Cobb Mountain Elementary School Event Dates


(Some dates may change)

This calendar is designed to help you plan for school events, and family vacations.  Please post it on your refrigerator. We’ll send an updated copy with additional dates later in the year.

Consistent attendance is so important, so please bring your child to school promptly so they don’t disrupt or miss any instruction. Morning recess begins at 8:30 am, and the instructional day begins at 8:45 am. If your child will be absent, call 987-1450 to let us know.  After three days the absence will be considered truant if we do not hear from you. We are UNABLE to change it to a medical absence after three days. If your child is late, please have them check in to the office.

Weekly School Assemblies for Student of the Week are usually held on Mondays @ 2:40 pm. Remember to wear green or your Cobb School/Garden Spiritwear each Friday!

Send a text to 707-927-2041 to sign up for text messages from school. In the message line write: @cobbe. Then, follow the directions sent to your phone.

August -

Character Ed Focus - Trustworthiness/Integrity/Honesty

8/8 - MUSD School Board Meeting 7 pm

8/20/18 - First Day of School - PTO Tears & Cheers greeting for incoming parents (9 am cafeteria)

8/22 - MUSD School Board Meeting 7 pm

8/24 - Spirit Day!

8/28 - Fire Drill

8/29 - PTO Meeting 9 am

8/29 - 8/31 - Swim Days PTO (Jenkins/Beck 8/29, Haller Weiss 8/30, Rodgers/Love 8/31)

Original Works fundraiser for 6th grade Science Camp

If you’re planning family travel during the school year, the best times to do so are:

September: Sept. 1-3 is a three day weekend.

November: Nov. 10-12 is a three day weekend. Nov. 17-25th is a nine day break.

December - January: Dec. 22 - Jan. 6th is a sixteen day break.

January: Jan. 19-21 is a three day weekend

February: Feb. 16-24th is a nine day break.

April: April 13 - 21st is a nine day break.

May: May 25-27th is a three day weekend.

That’s a total of 52 days when vacation is optimal, and will not disrupt our school schedule.We understand that travel is an education unto itself, and strongly encourage you to plan it during these times. Thank you!