April 25 PTO Minutes

posted Apr 26, 2013, 10:57 AM by shelley.tan2@middletownusd.org

PTO Meeting

Friday, April 26, 2013

Meeting began at approximately: 9 a.m.

Meeting ended at: 11 a.m.


Shelley asked PTO and other volunteers to please RSVP to Karen and come to our volunteer breakfast next Friday, May 3 at 8 a.m.

BBQ-Lakeview Market is going to give us a discount for the high quality beef for the BBQ at Open House. BBQ is going well.

Yearbooks will be sold for $10. at Open House. PTO will cover the shipping on the yearbooks. Cindy will order 100.

Mrs. Tan announced that at the staff meeting, teachers did not want to have popcorn more than once because it is unhealthful. Laurel said she would look into getting healthy, minimal amounts of oil with no salt and organic popcorn for next year. Shelley will bring this up to the teachers for next year.

Burger patty making party Tues., May 14 at 9 a.m. Laurel will ask Joanne if this is fine.

The Health/Wellness policy was discussed and the frustration of us creating a policy that is not being led by the district. There is frustration that the breakfasts still have chocolate muffins  and other junk food.

Mr. Dabney spoke about building a new greenhouse for Cobb School.  20 X 20 ft. Is the size of the greenhouse. Our portion would be $2 - $3,000.  towards the garden.  The permit process and labor would be free. The school would still need to come up with some money ($2,000 - $3,000). Laurel and Katy suggested Bottle Rock might help, a fundraiser, or they might be able to put in $1,000. From the PTO general fund.  PTO said they support this endeavor. Mr. Dabney is hoping to have this greenhouse ready by Oct. – Nov. Of next  year, possibly.

Whole Foods just gave us $2,000. Grant towards supplies. Thank you, Cindy!

Teacher Appreciation Week – May 6 – May 10 Mtn. High will provide coffee and scones. PTO will clean and stock staff room for teachers.  Wed. Will be teacher luncheon in the garden. PTO will ask parents to bring donations. 

Anjelica will bring tamales.

Shelley will bring Spanish rice

Jessyca will bring guacamole

Trista – enchiladas

Katy – chile rellenos

Robin – chips

Helena – sour cream, hot sauce

Michelle – salsa

Science Camp-

Anjelica said there is $300. Specifically for science camp next year.  It must go to Science Camp next year. Restarting 6th grade fund was a discussion.  For the future.  We voted on putting $300. The entire science camp was $199. Per child and a total of $4000.

Michelle Schuster – spoke about moving off campus to fundraise for Science camp. Michelle proposed having her own account for the 6th grade science camp with a binder and Kathy Blair after Michelle Schuster will take it over. We are voting to hold it at a week other than spring break. We decided that Michelle can have her own account just for 6th grade science.

We have insurance questions that we still need clarified.

Michelle had a bunch of ideas for fundraisers, specifically for Science Camp -

Original Works is a potential fundraiser for 6th grade science camp. Shelley will ask the teachers if they would be willing to hand out the paper for teachers . Profit is 33%. Oct.

Laurel commented that they would like to hold fundraisers where they would retain 100% of the profits.

Selling bulbs/Dutch Mill – February fundraiser 50%

Cuttery – fundraiser – 40%

Read-A-Thon – over summer:  kids would get people to pledge a certain amount of money per page.

Bicycle Rodeo – riding through obstacles and bicycle safety course

Penny Wars – fundraiser

Bike Races at Boggs – date? We talked about selling snacks, refreshments during these races for science camp. Maybe next year when they use our parking lot we can perhaps sell snacks, etc.