March 2013 PTO Minutes

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PTO Meeting

March 29, 2013

At approximately 9:00 am the meeting started

Attendance- Laurel Phillips, Katy English, Nicole Muelhapt, Michelle, Reneta, Helena Welsh,  Gabby Moore, Cindy Leonard, Mrs.Tan, Angelica, Trista Fossa, Erin Bozzo

Budget-General Fund- $12,979 ($900 to go towards assemblies), Art Fund- $3,004, Library Fund- $2,035, 6th Grade Fund- $0, Teachers Fund $1,873, Smart Responders- $616, Health and Wellness- $2,900

Star Testing- Begins with practice tests on 4/15. The first week of testing will be on Language Arts and the second week will be Math. Snacks will be morning glory muffins, fresh fruit bowls, homemade trail mix, cheddar bunnies, etc. The budget is $200 so the Soup Fund will donate the extra money that will be needed to provide healthy snacks for kids that are testing.

6th Grade Science Camp-Science Camp took place over spring break. Thanks to everyone’s hard work with fundraisers and seeking donations, every child was able to attend for free!! Calpine did a one-time donation this year and PTO has agreed to help out next year so that our school can keep the 6th Grade Science Camp going.

Upcoming Assemblies- April 12 will be the Ancient Egyptian Animals at 2:15 and there will be a Magic Moonshine Puppet Show to take place in May. Date and time to be determined.

Upcoming Events-

Parent Appreciation Breakfast will be on May 3rd. We will see if Mountain High will donate coffee and their delicious homemade treats again this year.

Staff Appreciation Week begins on May 6th and will have a Mexican food theme since it was such a huge hit last year.

Open House BBQ will be on Wednesday, May 15. The BBQ will start up at 5pm, line starts at 4:45. Michelle is going to see if her husband will be able to bring their huge trailer BBQ.

We plan to send home a flyer for specific volunteers. If we don’t have enough volunteers we will not be able to put on this event. It’s a huge event and there are many stations where help is needed. If you are serious about being able to volunteer, please contact Laurel and keep an eye out for the volunteer flyer. Volunteers will also be needed for making different types of salad side dishes.

We plan to seek a donation of grass fed meat or at least a cut price on bulk meat. If you have a connection, please let someone from PTO know asap.  We also will have donated salads, a baked goods table (possibly put on by 5th graders for next years Science Camp fund), and possibly ice cream for sale as well. That was a huge hit last year and was donated by Clover.

Field Day- So far it’s set for May 29. If the weather is good there was talk about different stations 

including a giant waterslide bouncy house, potato sack races, water relays, etc. We are also looking into seeing if the local firehouse will come again and spray their water hose. It would be similar to the Halloween schedule where each class gets a designated amount of time that way all the kids are properly supervised. Volunteers will be needed for this event as well. At least two adults per station.

6th Grade Ceremony- Is scheduled to be held on May 29.

Yearbooks- Cindy is working hard on putting together our schools 2012-2013 yearbook. She plans to have a hardcover book for sale for just $10!

Hand Washing Sink- Our school will be getting a child sized salad bar so that fresh salad is available every day. The only issue is that we want every child to properly wash their hands before using the salad bar so that we keep germs down. A school in occidental has a huge outdoor hand washing sink that we love and would love to have at our school as well. It’s just a matter of cost of supplies and having someone build it for us. If anyone has any ideas they’d like to share, please do so.

Roof Needed Over Cobb Oven- Our amazing outdoor Cobb oven is in need of an inexpensive roof. If wood is used it would need to be fire safe. If you have any supplies or ideas for this please get in touch with Nicole.

Restocking Art Room- The cost will be around $2,000. There are many amazing local businesses that donate annually that we can contact to help with the cost, including Cobb Mntn Artists, and possibly the new store The Realm. The Art Room Fund currently has $3,000 in it but each teacher still has $100 each in that fund that they need to use. Maybe we can use their money to restock the art room and then when they need something they can go in there and get it.

New Flag- A new flag is needed for our school. The cost is roughly $80-100 and $60-80 for the California Flag. PTO is willing to help with this cost.

And an additional happy note is that our school was given a $16,000 technology grant!!


Meeting adorned at 10:30am