Past PTO Minutes from Feb. 2014 - April 2015

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April 17, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Cobb Mountain Elementary

PTO Meeting

Friday, April 17, 2015

 Meeting called to order at 9:00 am

 Helena Welsh, Cindy Leonard, Jessica Pickens-Morita, Jennifer Bertram, Josephine Del Castillo present.

 Officer Elections

¬  All voted unanimous for Jennifer Bertram as Treasurer and Josephine Del Castillo as Secretary.

¬  Still looking for VP.  Please contact Helena if interested.


¬  Yearbooks will be sold at the Open House BBQ on Thursday, May 14th for $15.


Fundraisers -Mutt and Jess Friday, May 1st

¬  Mutt and Jess will be having monthly Pints for Profits on the 1st Friday of every month starting in May.  They will donate $2 from every pint and $1 from every sandwich ordered. 

¬  We decided to keep the Sees fundraiser just for December next school year and maybe have a competition to sell the most candy.

¬  Possible Jog-athan next school year.

¬  Jessica Morita proposed a Bad Boyz of Cobb Calendar to feature faculty staff and dads of our community.

o   Calendar would feature guys recreating funny scenes of the kids around campus. (in a tasteful way of course)

o   Calendar will include and highlight important school dates and would be sold at Fall Carnival.

o   Possible photos might be a playground scene, on the swings, a few guys standing in line at the water fountain, cafeteria shot, someone getting a refocus form..

o   She welcomes any ideas for photos, help from volunteers, and is looking for potential models and local business sponsors.


¬  Magical Moonshine Puppet Theater Wednesday, May 13th @ 11 am

 New Flag

¬  Proposal by Student Council to buy a new CA flag on Amazon was redirected into finding an educational fun way for the kids to obtain one.

o   Possibly from a Senator on a field trip to the Capitol?


 Open House BBQ (Thursday, May 14th)

            Yearbooks will be available for sale

            Same schedule as last year starting at 4:30

            Still working out details for food vendor, donations


Teacher Appreciation Week (May 4th-8th)

  • Monday-clean staff room and gift

            Tuesday-Mountain High breakfast





  • New sign/s for school
    • Marquee vs Old School
    • Where to put? On highway vs. drop-off (cheaper)
    • Possibly 2? One old school for drop-off and a marquee one on campus that Karen could change from the office.
  • Any ideas on what kind of playground equipment we can get for $40?
  • Members present discussed going by bylaws of PTO.
    • Re-elect officers every year

o   More accountability of funds and checks

  • After funds are balanced, will only use one register.
  • Jennifer will update accounts for teachers.

 Next meeting Friday May 1 @ 9am in Rm 8

 Meeting ended at noon J

February 4, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 6:07 pm

Members Present: Shelley Tan, Helena Welsh, Jennifer Bertram, Gabby Moore, Cindy Leonard,

David Leonard

Discussion ensued about Jump Rope for Heart - February 13th

How do we want to run it?

Stations were recommended.

Relays on Racetrack - Helena? Freeze Jump roping in K playyard- David? Crab Soccer - Linda

Miller? Hula Hoops - Suzanne? Boot Camp - Mrs. Tan

Crab Soccer

1st - 5th

Interpersonal Threats and play with imaginary guns on the playground need to be addressed.

Jennifer was asked if her contacts with the Police Dept. would be willing to talk to upper and

lower grades about their word choice and what their threats mean.

Monterrey Grill (February 21st) 11am - 8:30 pm

10% of what is sold that day will go to Cobb School. We really want to encourage our parents

and families to dine there (dine in or take out).

Post to Facebook, Remind 101

Student Council will make a poster

See’s Candies Fundraiser - Bad checks created a fiasco of the winter sales drive. We made

$1000. Jennifer made us aware that her school in Lower Lake made $3,800 in sales from two

classrooms. It was suggested that Science Camp take on See’s Candy as a fundraiser given

the fact that people are generally more willing to make these purchases when it goes to a

designated cause.

Talent Show ( March 6th) PTO is doing a bake sale to benefit the MUSD Instrumental Music

Program. Sign Up Sheet will be on Karen’s Desk, and outside on the Bulletin Board.

Penny Drive ( March 9th - 27th) - Pennies for Patients - goes to the Leukemia society. March

9th - 27th. Penny Wars 10% of proceeds will go to Leukemia Society.

LCAP - Dr. Olson sent a calendar for LCAP, but it was difficult to tell which meeting parents

should attend, and where the meetings will be taking place. An email was sent to Dr. Olson

inquiring for more specifics.

Assembly - $590 African Folklore drum and beat song. Usually $790. Another option that was

discussed was the Magical Moonshine Theater Company. Minnie Cannon was contacted to see

if they’d like to pay for a same day assembly in order to save money on an assembly.

March 27th - The Science of Sound Assembly is scheduled.

Short discussion about rewards - dance party or movie were suggested as alternates to food.

Brass Plaque in front of the office states that the opening day was Sept. 15, 1985. 30th

anniversary party was suggested.

Calpine Money - Business Services officer said that it needs to be funded through the district.

More prudent. Mr. Morita would like an upgrade for some software. It was suggested he use his

funds from PTO ($150)

PTO doesn’t have a secretary, a Vice President, and our Treasurer is very busy. It’s been

difficult to get an accurate budget which reflects how much each teacher has, and the

breakdown of each sub-account.

Next Meeting is Wed., March 4th at 6 pm.


August 20, 2014 Meeting Minutes

 Helena  read Nicole Cobb’s text regarding being elected as Treasurer. David Leonard stated that he would highly recommend her as treasurer. We took a vote and it was unanimous in favor of Nicole Cobb as treasurer.

We are removing Katie English and Dana Taylor and adding Nicole Cobb and Helena Welsh as a signer.

Shelley Tan and Karen are also signers on the account if Helena or Nicole is not available

We took a vote to add Helena Welsh and Nicole Cobb and it was another unanimous yes

We have an open position as communications officer, which serves as the PTO liaison to all school cubs and outside community associations also.


General fund: 6871.22

Art Fund              1076.98

Teacher fund     689.46

Tech Fund           615.50

Health and Wellness      1966.17

Soup fund           1315.08

Reserve                               3000.00, it was shy 774.00

 Total     15535.41



Renata made a move to give each teacher $150.00 for their class to use at their disposal             

Shelley stated that the Lions Club donated $650 to the library

Shelley asked whether or not the PTO gets audited so that we are not holding over checks

Insurance: Helena mentioned that we may have to start filing taxes.  Because we have events selling items that may cause a risk, we have a need to buy insurance so that we cover all our bases. Deana Steele was chosen to find out what the best insurance program would be for us since she is an insurance agent. We will vote on it at the next meeting.


Garden Club meeting is next Monday the 25th in Room 1 at 3:15. Cindy also passed around a sign up sheet for volunteers for the Harvest Festival which is Sunday, September 14, 2014 from 10-2

Student Council leader: we are looking for a new student council leader. The kids that are a part of the council have to meet academic and behavior standards. Helena and David have offered to work with the student council in the interim. We have an ASB budget so the leader needs to help them run the meeting and keep the minutes. Renata stated that she could also help out where needed. Helena stated that she wants student council to help do more work around the school so David requested that Helena give him a list of exactly what she wants them to do.

David also mentioned that Desiree Taylor would like to take on yearbook this year.

Barn Dance has been moved to October 17, 2014. It will be held in the Cobb Multi use room at 7:00

Back to school night: August 28th 5:30 – 6:30 Teachers and Helena have strongly requested that no children come to back to school night so that the teachers can spend one on one time with the parents

Jenny volunteered to do address labels for the kids to take home.

Cindy stated that the garden club was able to secure a grant for $550 The heir loom festival in Santa Rosa. The bus costs $691. The grant is for $550 and the garden club will cover the difference. The bus is for 4, 5 ,6th graders but any class or children are welcome as long as they can arrange the transportation.

Fall Carnival: Emily still wants to do face painting and the fortune telling. Emily is looking to have people present brand new ideas for the carnival

Emily brought up a new idea for a game using rain gutters. Also a Plinko game. A treasure chest with ping pong balls. We are still discussing game ideas. Milk cans to knock over with balls.  Anyone with other game ideas should speak to Emily.

We need to plan a fall carnival meeting to discuss all game ideas:  Fall Carnival Committee Meeting September 12, 2014 12:00

David suggested that once we know what games we are going to do, we can post what we need online to get donations

Fundraisers: Golden Gate fundraising. They work with a lot of schools with fundraising. The only problem with this company is that it does not really comply with our health and wellness policy as they sell a lot of candy. Helena did present a catalog that Lakeport school district is using that has more options than just candy. The profit on that catalog is 50% profit. We will keep our Sees Candies fundraisers for at least one more year. Helena suggested drafting a letter to go home with their kids asking for donations from parents who do not want to participate in fundraisers

Tara Hall also stated that 10% of photo packages purchased will be donated back to the school

Jenny brought up Safeway Scrip. She requested that Daphne Colacion contact her to talk with her about Safeway Scrip

Jenny also suggested that we offer a gift card raffle for any new parents who sign up for scrip, that we put their name in a raffle to win a gift card.

Cal Star and Reach : Jenny asked if she could hold the fundraiser at the Harvest Festival and Cindy stated that she had no problem with that.

Anti-bullying: Helena wants to hold an anti-bullying assembly because there have been some incidents of bullying here at the school

Deana brought up a concern about trust when talking about bullying on the school

Jenny brought up holding a 5 -10 minutes assembly addressing bullying at back to school night.

We want our kids to be upstanders instead of bystanders just watching bullying happening

David and Shelley asked Deana for examples of how we could address bullying in a more effective way.

Shelley stated that she would really make an attempt to let the kids know that they can feel  comfortable coming to her and talking to her if they are having an issue. Helena stated that the school staff suggested having an anti-bullying assembly at the beginning of next school year.

We are looking for an anti bullying coordinator if anyone is interested

Spirit days are still every Friday and we would like the kids to wear Cobb spirit wear.

Lions club has a bake sale on Fridays

Cindy brought up the issue of the locks and Shelley stated that she does believe that the locks should be getting done soon but we have no answer on the blinds.

Michelle mentioned that Mary Sutton had notified her that we will be receiving a letter from the recycling club requesting that the PTO purchase recycling trash cans for the playground


The next PTO meeting will be on September 26th at 9:00

 August 5, 2014


Gabby Moore

Jenny Finney

Cindy Leonard

Mark Morita

Helena Lacang

Michelle Borghesani

Emily Reemer

Nicole Cobb


Melissa Naid

Katie English

 Helena started off the agenda by discussing the Welcome back brunch scheduled on the first day of school. She asked for volunteers to bring breakfast dishes, or scones, muffins etc. She also mentioned that she would like to sell spirit wear and promote the PTO at the breakfast with parents.

 We then moved on to the after school program in Room 8. They are still looking to hire someone. Marc Morita mentioned that they may have to re-post for the position.


Helena wants to bring Girl Scouts back and after school programs back. They are still looking for a leader for a Girl Scout troop if anyone is interested.


Swim days:  Swim days will be sometime during the week of August 18 -22nd although we have not picked definitive days yet.


Middletown Unified Board meeting: August 27, 2014. Of specific concern is the fact that the locks at Cobb have not been changed nor have the blinds been installed yet so we need to follow up with the board as to why this still hasn’t happened? It was also mentioned that three people from the board are retiring this year so we would like to see a representative from Cobb.


Barn dance: Maddy Ferguson came and spoke to the PTO requesting donations to help her promote the barn dance.  Discussions are still taking place to decide whether the dance should be held in the evening or it could also be held during the school day.  September 5th is the date being discussed to hold the dance. It was suggested that the money raised could be donated to the music program


Back to school night: Thursday, August 28th 6th graders want to have bake sale for science camp and Helena would like to promote PTO because a lot of parents will be present.


Helena is going to look into buying insurance for the year for PTO events. She will find out the cost and present it at the next PTO meeting for a vote.


Katie English is stepping down from Treasurer. She discussed Treasurer duties with everyone.

Balance: $16,265.47 –

General: $7, 601.28

Art fund: $1.076.98

Green House: $ 0.00

Teacher fund: $689.46

Health and Wellness: $1966.17

Science: $ 0.00

Soup fund: $1,315.08

Aide staffing: $ 3,000.00


There was an in depth discussion as to when to hold PTO meetings. Jenny Finney brought up the fact that in order to include all the parents who want to be a part of PTO, it would be nice to include some evening meetings in order to accommodate all working parents.

Next meeting will be held Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 6:00 p.m.


Goal for the next meeting will be to set a meeting schedule for the PTO meetings for the year.


Helena brought up one of the fundraisers she wants to do. Helena got 200 candles donated from Aloha Bay. The candles will be sold for $9.00 per candle. Helena really wants to market them in November near Christmas and 100 % profit comes back to the PTO. We will sell them at Back to School night and the Welcome Back breakfast also.


Helena brought up the suggestion of holding a Magazine fundraiser.  We get 50% profit. It was mentioned that when it was promoted before, and there were some mixed feelings about it but it was also mentioned that it was an easy fundraiser.


Fall Carnival: Emily suggested changing the carnival up to make it different this year.

We also need new volunteers for the fall carnival this year.


Thank you cards were sent around from Helena for the Loch Lomond fundraiser and the Lions Club fundraiser


Jenny Finney brought up continuing with the Scrip fundraising, and escrip fundraising that connects with their Safeway club card


Jenny also discussed having Reach do a fundraiser. They can set up a booth at the Harvest Festival and for every family signed up and the school will get $10.00 per family that is signed up.


Election for new Treasurer will be held at the next meeting, August 20, 2014


July 15, 2014 Summer Meeting Minutes

Michelle Meese from Girl Scouts came to speak about girl scouts

She also mentioned how to become a girl scout leader

$15.00 membership fee along with training and you only need 5 girls to form a group

All parents have to be registered and screened

Michelle brought an example of the Daisy book for us to look at to see what a sample session look like

The vests and badges are optional to try to keep costs down

Michelle also brought information on how to sign up if anyone is interested

Michelle also mentioned that she can format fliers for each grade

Mr. Leonard asked about the annual costs

The annual membership is $15.00 with vests costing $40.00

Financial aid is available

Nicole spoke with Helena about becoming Treasurer

Emily brought cookies and brownies for everyone and Trista brought a cooler full of drinks for everyone

Helena mentioned spoke about getting more community involvement, more cultural choices.

Shelley mentioned that we are really close to having an after school daycare program with a homework component and snacks included


School picture days: Helena mentioned using Hall of Frame photography, Tara Hall

Pictures will be on Wednesday, September 17 (K-3)

Thursday September, 18 (4-6)

Wednesday October 1 (make-up day)

Shelley and Cindy asked about staff picture day. Helena is going to check on that for everyone

Assemblies: Taiko Drum Performers : Monday, October 6 - 9:00 a.m.

Native Pride Dancers - Thursday November 6 - 9:00 a.m.

Helena talked about combining assembly days with Minnie Cannon

Cost of assemblies is $792.00

We can get additional discounts if we combine with other schools

Shelley asked about how we will choose assemblies as a group

Shelley also mentioned having a budget for assemblies so that we can all decide as a group which assemblies to choose

Helena booked the first two assemblies ahead of time because we were on a time constraint to book them

There is a Lions Club fundraiser that helps out our library

Both Trista and Shelley mentioned that the Lions Club does fundraisers for the school but there is an issue of not having enough advance notice to the PTO so that we can inform members and parents

Helena asked someone to volunteer to be a liaison for the school with the Lions Club. Trista volunteered.

Open Mike at Pine Summit pool at 6:00- 10:00 to raise art supplies

Emily Newfield from the Roadhouse is doing another fundraiser for school supplies on July 20th from 7-10:00 at The Roadhouse

Shelley mentioned that she is in tough with Michelle Schuester regarding the science club meeting and she will be posting info on the website.

Movie night at the school: Trista brought up that the Kelseyville school district raises $500-$1000 per event to support the school. Trista wants to bring it back to our community. We would hold it in the cafeteria. Trista is going to do some more research. Shelley also mentioned holding movie night on the grass outside when weather permits.

Trista said that the pizza place will make a deal with us so that we can sell the pizzas during the event. Shelley also mentioned having a donation jar at movie night.

Shelley mentioned also reviewing health and wellness policy to make sure that we are in compliance. Cindy also mentioned that we also would need to talk to Heather if we need to use our ovens.

Garden Club:

Cindy mentioned that there are still PTO thank yous in the box to be shared with PTO

Cindy mentioned the upcoming Harvest Festival to benefit the Garden Club. Cindy mentioned obtaining tables and chairs and Trista stated that she could talk with the Fire Department.

Food Ideas: Wraps were mentioned

Cindy would like ideas for music, etc. Cindy would like it to be more about kids and parents being able to see what our garden does for our kids

Gabby Moore is going to help Cindy with t-shirts. Cindy showed three examples of some student drawings

There is a sign-up list going around for the Harvest Festival.

There is a golf tournament on August 2 being held for the Science Club

Cindy mentioned that we still have  a lot of supplies in the PE shed that aren’t being utilized before we order any more supplies. We are trying to decide what we want to obtain in the future for our kids.

Mr. Leonard mentioned that we should also talk to our kids to get ideas of what they would like for the playground

Student Council: Helena wants to know exactly what they do?

Mr. Leonard mentioned that they have done the ballet

They nominate themselves but they have to meet certain criteria. The have to be in good standing and they have to meet certain academic criteria

Helena asked if they could they could help out more with school events

Mr. Leonard also mentioned getting student council members to put up the flag


New Teacher Assignments;

Mr. Leonard: Kindergarden

Mrs. Heywood: 1st/2nd combo

Mr. Krohn: 2nd/3rd combo

Mr. Weiss : 3rd/4th combo

Mrs. Ferguson: 4th/5th combo

Mr. Morita: 5th/6th combo


After School programs:

Daycare program from 12:30 - 5:00

Shelley mentioned that we are going to listen and get feedback from the person we hire so that we can have the program be as effective and successful as possible.

Trista mentioned how Kelseyville runs their after-school program

Cindy mentioned that maybe one of our movie nights could benefit out after school program

Greg Rogers and Mr. Leonard are going to teach guitar after school for 4th-6th graders

Helena mentioned bringing back Lego club

Fundraiser ideas: Helena wants fundraisers that support our local business and bring us a higher profit

Helena mentioned that we don’t make much money off of our Sees fundraising

Mr. Leonard the kids used to do a jog a thin

Helena mentioned a local chocolatier in Lower Lake that we could maybe do a fundraiser with. Helena will obtain some samples so we can try them out. Cindy mentioned that we could have her sell her chocolates at the Christmas program and see how well it is received

Helena mentioned how blessed we are that our children have the supplies we need when other schools struggle to keep going.

Shelley mentioned having a meeting where we all try to bring one new person to a meeting

Cindy brought up how to schedule future meetings

Trista brought up recap meetings in the evenings so that more parents can attend

Shelley also discussed whether we should have a teacher rep attend PTO meetings or should we have a PTO officer attend staff meetings?

It seems like everyone believes it would be a better idea to have a PTO officer attend a staff meeting

Welcome back breakfast: Helena wants to do this for possible new parents and also all returning parents. Emily brought up starting the breakfast at 9:30 so that new parents can attend after the kinders start class.We all agreed it sounds like a great idea

Shelley had a quick announcement: We have a student coming to the school who has a severe peanut allergy so we are becoming a peanut free school.

Swim Days: Summit School rep Kyle Carlin stated that swim days on the 18-22 of August seem to be fine.

Room 8 is where all PTO meetings will be held

Cindy mentioned Laura Kennedy has moved onto other projects and her position is now open. Cindy mentioned that it is 9 hours per week

Shelley also mentioned that she is looking for a person to run the after school daycare program. They will have to have a background check.

The next meeting will be held on August 5th at 11:00 a.m.

Welcome back breakfast will be held on the first day of school which is August 12th

 April 25, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Meeting started at 8:55am

*Nicole gave update about Open House BBQ. Discussed different options for ordering buns. It was decided that ice cream will be served after the performance, in the map area. Trista will get ice cream from stornetta. Student council needs to make a poster for the event. It was clarified that the Open House is a community event and all community members are welcome to attend.  Food is on tack and Nicole is way under budget for the event! :)

*Nicole requested $258 dollars from the PTO soup fund to purchase good quality red reusable plates to be used for events at the school. She is getting them at an amazing discount. msrp is $6.99 per plate, we are purchasing them for $1.00 per plate. Cindy motioned to vote, Kathy seconded the motion, all agreed to purchase the plates with the soup fund $.

*Cindy discussed the different ideas for Staff Appreciation week. May 19-23. Monday-Friday the staff will be honored in some way. Renada is still going to look into one idea. We discussed helping the children fill out a "I appreciate my teacher because..." sheet. They could then be bound into books for the person to keep.

*Cindy discussed making herbal salt or salt scrubs for the staff. Nicole offered some packaging ideas.

*We discussed options for recruiting more PTO members. More inviting? More welcoming? Emily requested a meeting debrief so that newcomers could feel more informed. We decided to have a PTO info and sign up table at the Open House BBQ to try to attract new members. Gabriella will prepare and setup this table. Helena will stay at the table to answer any questions. We also decided to set up a Facebook PTO page to try to enhance communication between school and community members. The idea of a Communications Officer was discussed. With the sole purpose of this officer being to reach out to PTO members new and old via phone, Facebook, etc. how do we break the PTO stigma? We do not want people to feel excluded!

* it was decided the August 20 @ 6 pm in the school library will be the first PTO meeting of the 2014-2015 school year. The main focus being officer elections. 

*meeting adjourned at 11 am.

April 2, 2014 Meeting Minutes
April 2, 2014 Meeting
Cobb School Library
6 p.m.

1) Thank you to all volunteers and helpers for the Talent Show and for the Cobb Instrumental Music fundraiser at the talent show. We raised $670 for our music program. 


 2) Spirit wear.  About $1500 of new Cobb School spirit wear was purchased in the first week of sales!!  Spirit wear is now re-stocked in the office and available for purchase from Karen.  $25 hoodies, $12 t-shirts.

 Plenty are still available.

 3) A first draft of the Yearbook has been made by Cindy.  Please have a look at it and note any corrections of student's names or other errors.  Please help make suggestions of events to be included and submit photos to Cindy to upload to the Shutterfly site. She is running out of steam and needs a bit of help with the project.

 Cindy asked for input on the yearbook.  Mr. Morita will send his from science camp (5-6 photos). Do we want fewer images from the talent show? Do we want a signature page, or do we want photos there and use the back pages for signatures?

 4) Two Upcoming assembliesThis coming Monday for $390 for Rainforest Magic.  Magical Moonshine May 19th 11:00  $530

$500 to help pay for them from Bottle Rock Power.

5) Staff appreciation week starts May 19th. 

New suggestions needed!!


6)Star testing snacks.... pretzels and cuties for each classroom... who can purchase, what dates... mostly needed for Mrs. Ferguson's class.


Kim will make some muffins for her class. Cuties and pretzels will be purchased for Smarter Balanced testing.

Michelle will go to Costco to pick up snacks.  Thank you Michelle!



7) new sports balls were purchased by David.... he will report on the ideas from teachers for the remaining $1900 in the account

Mr. Morita would like to see a track around the field. Days are missed as a result of moisture. Shelley will bring it up at ADCO tomorrow. Kim emphasized the need for consistent practice in preparation for 5th grade testing.


8) A more detailed meeting regarding the Open House BBQ will be held on Friday April 25 at 8:45 a.m., however here is the information from our last PTO meeting as a refresher for those not present:


Open House BBQ May 15th.  Nicole presented information on Volunteer needs.

It was voted and approved to move ice cream to after performance to streamline activities.  Nicole moved and it was approved that our budget for purchasing food supplies will be $400 this year (as it has in the past).  It was voted and agreed that we will try loose meat sandwiches this year that can be pre-cooked and people dont have to wait for their burgers to be cooked.  (Veggie burgers and hot dogs also available).  Potential other booths will be: soccer sign-ups, science camp info, yearbook sales.  A more detailed meeting is scheduled on Friday April 25th at 8:45a.m. to focus on BBQ preparations and to finalize volunteer sign-ups.  Many volunteers needed!!!


Time is as follows for Open House on May 15th:

    4:30-6:00 BBQ Dinner

    5:45-6:30 Classroom visits

    6:30 move to Multi-use room

    6:45 begin performance (Choir and School Band)

    7:15 ice cream available after performance


9)  Science camp update from Michelle Schuster.  New school calendar is selection for next year?

    First fundraiser is first weekend of August at Cobb Golf Course.


Run it more like the Garden Club.  A Science Camp committee should be in charge of their funds. PTO was involved due to insurance concerns. Michelle doesnt want to ask for permission to do things. Financial records are available. Jessyca, Mrs. Tan, Michelle and Katy are all on the account.


Michelle took great pains to make this a workable experience. A binder has been made with possible fundraisers.


Looking at the long view, many challenges (including getting funds from last year) were faced with varying degrees of success.


Do we want to insure that theres a fund available each year for the next few years? We currently have about $6,000. That could be distributed over the next three years.

The list of fundraising events was passed out.

A discussion focused on making sure we have a consistent program in place so that we dont lose out on Science Camp.


Mrs. Tan is comfortable with whos running each group, and they can be handled in the way theyve been handled. 



PTO can assist with chairmanship of Garden, Science Camp, 

In the past weve had difficulty with the alignment of fundraising. 


Nicole brought up how do we decide where grant monies go? Who determines this?  Cindy and Shelley made a grant proposal to Calpine delineating which place each of those funds go.


******We need fundraisers that dont always pull out of the same pockets.******


Harvest Festival - Garden club, (Science Club - pumpkin weight guess)


Magazine Drive?  Hasnt happened in recent years.



Science Fair - for Science Camp

Original Works - for Science Camp



Sees Candy



Santa Breakfast

Bill & Ester - fundraiser at Golf Club



Crab Boil - Garden fundraiser



Talent Show - Instrumental Music Program


Summer Golf Tournament - Bill & Ester

After much discussion,

A motion was made to use the Calpine/Reynolds money as seed money for the next three years (25% of the class budget to be used as a deposit). 

Jessyca feels that this should really be a decision made from a Science Camp Meeting.



Upcoming Meetings:

Next PTO meeting after the April 25th

Science Camp Meeting - Wednesday, April 30th 5:30 pm

May 21 PTO/Staff Meeting 3:20 pm


PTO Officers are in need (All office positions - President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary, etc

If anyone is interested please contact Shelley Tan or Katy English

March 2014 Meeting Minutes

Cobb Mountain Elementary PTO
Meeting Notes
March 14, 2014
Present: Katy English, Nicole Muelhaupt, Emily Reimers, Gabriella Moore, Shelley Tan, Michelle Schuster, Renada Breeden, Cindy Leonard, Helena Welsh, Bridget King, ??

 1) Account Balances
    -General- $10,432.81   Art- $1,076.98   Teachers- $689.40 
Technology- $616.50 (for repairs & replacement parts) Health &Wellness- $2,391.05   Soup-$1,315.08    Aide Staffing Hold- $3,000.00

2) Fundraising Profits
        See’s Candy $377.80,  Santa Breakfast $468.00, Pictures $315.00 eScrips $597.31

Recent receipt from Emily Reimers for Box Tops: $165.10
We will continue to save the “labels for education” until we get a huge amount to redeem for playground equipment or other item.

3) Science Camp update:
    Michelle Schuster was congratulated for success in raising funds for 6th grade science camp at Alliance Redwoods this year!  She indicated she is willing to continue leading the fundraising efforts, although not necessarily leading every event (but being a source of experienced information for the 6th grade parents).  A PTO meeting was scheduled on April 2nd at 6:00p.m. that will specifically focus on events and fundraising for next year’s science camp.  Parents of current 5th graders are specifically encouraged to attend.  This meeting will also serve as information for all parents of future 6th graders!!  We need everyone’s help to continue to make 6th grade science camp a possibility!
The first fundraising event for next year will be the first weekend of August at Cobb Golf Course. More information will follow about this event.

4) New spirit wear will arrive March 17th.  T-shirts will cost $12, Hoodies $25.
    These items will be sold during Garden Club Meeting after school on Monday, after school on Tuesday the 18th by Cindy and Katy, and sold at the Talent Show.  Starting March 25th, they will be available for purchase in the office from Karen.

5) Talent Show is March 21st.  There will be a bake sale to benefit the Cobb School instrumental music program.  Suggested entrance donation of $2 per person, also to benef

February 2014 Meeting Minutes

Minutes from PTO Meeting on Feb. 12

Meeting began at 6 p.m. in Library

Present was: Katy English, President, Nicole Muelhaupt, David Leonard, Cindy Leonard, Greg Rodgers, and Shelley Tan

A new treasurer is needed for our PTO as Dana Taylor has resigned.


Open House BBQ – Nicole offered to help out with organizing the BBQ in terms of purchasing and organizing. Nicole will get meat for sandwiches, and solicit people to serve and bring salads.  Nicole would like to serve from inside the kitchen . Mrs. Jekel will have her band perform and Mrs. Radford will most likely be performing inside as well. We are still ironing out the details.

Idea was presented of having classes open from 5:45 – 6:15, show begins at 6:15 Food served from 4:45 – 6p.m.


Band Fundraising at Talent Show – Money for instrumental music at Cobb School,  donation request jar for everyone who enters: “Please Support our Cobb School Musicians Entry is Free, however a donation request of $2. is suggested.”  Post fliers – March 21 David Leonard has offered to make fliers. Nicole will do popcorn and lemonade.  Greg is volunteering Allison to bake.  Cashier is Cindy Leonard.  7 p.m.  MC’s need to promote donation jar and snacks.

Spirit Wear – Ava Laurence won the spirit wear contest. David will photo shop it. We will use Custom Ink to print.  Shelley will ask Mr. Mahnke about maybe doing an order as well.

Science Camp – Let’s ask Michelle how much money is left in her account for science camp and give them a portion and have them earn a portion. Also, let’s see if Reynolds Systems wants to donate to science again and perhaps we can use this for Science Camp.  Summer golf event fundraiser and also science fair live auction. 

Let’s ask Michelle Schuster to help us vote regarding how much “seed money” should go to science camp.

Ask Emily about Box Top Balance .

Balance: 18,986. is the total PTO balance as of Feb. 12, 2014