Stay Active, Eat Healthy!

Post date: Jun 28, 2012 1:08:00 PM

With the end of school comes a lot more free time to sit around and watch television, play video games, and snack. Keep the focus away from food and plan activities that highlight healthy lifestyles. Here are some tips for staying healthy during the summer months:

  • Fresh produce is easier to come by in summer. Plant a garden or visit a local farmer's market. Enjoy your favorite fruits and vegetables or challenge yourself to try a new one each week.
  • Visit a local farm, garden or orchard to learn about fruits and vegetables that grow in your area.
  • Have children make a collage or write a story about what they plan to do over the summer, with the focus on active activities.
  • Play an outdoor game/activity to enjoy the warmer weather.
  • Plan a nature walk to see plants re-awaken in the warm weather
  • Plant a garden or sign up to help out at your school or local community garden.