Cell Phone / Phone Capable Watches Tablet Policy

Post date: Dec. 23rd, 2019 1:00:36 PM

October 5, 2018

Dear Cobb Families,

The intent of this letter is to clarify our cell phone/phone capable watches, and digital tablet policy. Cobb Mountain Elementary students are not allowed to use their cell phones or phone capable watches during the school day. It is our recommendation that cell phones and cell phone capable watches remain at home. All student phones, which include watch phones, should be off during school hours and in the student’s backpack. Tablets should remain at home. If you have a concern about one of these items being stolen from a backpack, then it should stay home or be turned in to the office. Middletown Unified School District will not be held liable for either loss or damage to your child’s device.

We feel that cell phones and cell watches are not developmentally appropriate, they make noises that are a distraction to the learning environment, and often interrupt instruction.

Should your child need to contact you at home, they can do so during their recess. If there is a medical concern the school will be in contact with you promptly. If you need to convey a message to your child about a change in their after-school directive, please contact the office at 987-1450 and we’ll convey the message to your child.


Aram Osterlye