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Good Nutrition is Important to Learning

Hello Cobb families. Tis the season of diets and resolutions to eat more nutritiously. We parents enter a new year pledging to make our own diets more healthy. Of course, young children do not reflect on their caloric levels or sodium intake, and I do not believe any of our students here at Cobb School have resolved to eat less Takis or cut down on their consumption of Pringles, but it might not be a bad idea. I often see students' hands coated with artificial coloring as they reach the bottom of their full bags of snacks. As an educator, I know this is not conducive to effective learning. There are dozens and dozens of studies that connect a good diet with success at school. I call on our families to make the resolution to send their children with healthy food, including more than just snacks but with something substantial that will fuel them through the day.