Welcome to the Cobb Mountain Elementary School Garden!

This beautiful space is available to all Cobb students TK-6th for a rich education that delves into the natural world, growing food, self sustainability, and wonders that open up to children in a garden setting. Our school garden is one of the oldest functioning demonstration gardens in California. Your child is offered weekly classes that explore all aspects of gardening. Fresh heirloom vegetables, fruits, grains and herbs are grown from seed by students hands. Our garden is a truly special place! Compost, beneficial insects, ecosystems, nutrition, seasons, ecology, soils, seeds, weather, native plants and companion planting....these are just to name a few topics we cover in this comprehensive program. Families, communities and teachers work hand in hand with the students to make this program so strong and educational. Please feel free to visit and volunteer in our garden classes. We are here to help your children GROW!

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Our Garden

A beautiful place to grow minds

fun days!

fresh veggies

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