Our school serves the whole child where students are aware of themselves, their health, their emotions and the habits that keep us healthy. Part of our mantra is kindness, we want our school to be safe physically and emotionally, where students are encouraged to elevate each other, to lift each other up; we call it filling someone’s bucket. With teachers who are confident and feel they have all the tools they need to engage students to do their best, supporting them with creative scaffolding and exciting challenges.

We strive to give all students an opportunity to reach their unique potential, to attain reachable goals and beyond. Always striving for mastery of standard-based curriculum, students are encouraged to do their personal best, where ever that lay relative to state standards.

A healthy school culture entails having commitment from all stakeholders, students, teachers, administration and parents. Holding students accountable is crucial too. Not only do students have to hold up their end of the bargain, but the adults in this relationship have to model what it is to be accountable for your responsibilities.