Dress Code

The Cobb staff feels that appropriate school attire contributes to a positive learning environment. Dress code standards have been established to create an atmosphere and attitude in which students perform well, feel comfortable, and do not distract others. We appreciate the cooperation from each family in helping to maintain appropriate standards of appearance. 

Students are required to wear clothes that are neat in appearance and appropriate for school. The following guidelines should be followed:

  • Attire* should protect the health and safety of students.

  • Attire should not advertise or advocate the use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco. This also applies to garments with writing or pictures that are obscene, suggestive, depict violence, negative attitudes, demean others, or suggest defiance of authority.

  • Appropriate, comfortable running shoes must be worn at all times. (This is to insure safety on our uneven playground surfaces and to protect from splinters from wood chips). No platforms, high heels, shoes with wheels, flip flops, open toed, or backless shoes are permitted.

  • No half shirts, crop tops, halter tops, low neck lines, A-shirts (sleeveless t-shirts) or straps that are less than two inches wide. Clothes should cover the lower midriff area of the body all day.

  • Make-up is not allowed. Sagging or tight clothing is not allowed.

  • Shorts or skirts should be fingertip length. Purposely torn or distressed clothing may not have holes above fingertip length.

  • Hats, caps, hairnets, or other types of head covering are not to be worn inside classrooms, offices, libraries, or during assemblies.

  • Any attire that is associated with gangs will not be allowed. 

 (These decisions will be the sole discretion of the site administrator.)

Students arriving at school improperly dressed will be asked to leave class until a change of clothing is provided. Continued disregard for dress code will be deemed defiant. 

*Attire includes clothes, hairstyles, cosmetics, and articles worn by students (including backpacks.)